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Hi Marc! I won $1,624 tonight!! I played California 990 four times. (Kevin, CA)
Kevin won fast and easy on October 25, 2010 on the CA Pick 3 lottery and you can win Pick 3 and Cash 3 daily lottery games too!

Two days ago I had 11 winning numbers in six different States, yesterday was even better with 13 winners! I will show you the actual results on this website and I think you will be highly impressed with the results! Be assured you too can pick winning numbers using “The Amazing Win Cash 3 Lottery System” in three minutes or less!

Hi Marc,
I have to say you are a genius!!! I purchased your program last week, and played the very same day – obviously not following your recommendation of NOT playing for two weeks while still studying your system. Well, after reading your manual and back-checking Pick3 results of different states, I was excited to try your system especially because I have ‘proven’ that it actually works!!! So…. I played everyday – 7 days total, in 8 different states, using your system. And guess what? I won EVERY SINGLE DAY! Sometimes, 2-3 times a day!!! (Do I sound excited? You bet I am!). You may use this ‘testimonial’ to show your other/future clients. I believe you deserve ALL the credit here. Thank You and Good job, Marc!
- JM of California

It’s like taking candy from a baby, you should feel guilty, but you don’t. Sure, I play fair, but I play Cash 3 to win. I am not a gambler, I am a player and I play Cash 3 to win and so should you. Knowing the rules can help, knowing the odds is even better, but from losses came knowledge and I am about to share with you my knowledge and experience in the fascinating world of Pick 3 – Daily 3 and Cash 3 games. It’s like nothing you could ever imagine and if you haven’t thought about it, or even ever played, be assured you are missing out on what has the potential to be a HUGE money maker!

Finally, I will reveal my secrets and the truth will be told.

“The Amazing Win Cash 3 Lottery System” is a no-nonsense, easy-to-follow blueprint for your success. All it takes is the ability to read, understand and accept how simple it really is. Armed with this powerful knowledge YOU will be able to predict what numbers are going to be drawn over the next few days. Yes, it is that easy. All it takes is three minutes per day. It is that simple.

I’m a happy woman tonight. I just won my first Pick 4!!! (Illinois, 3004). I just want to say THANK YOU. (System purchaser 2 days ago! – USA)

You will see that yesterday “The Amazing Cash 3 System” accurately predicted 13 winners in several states. This is not a fluke. I win every day. That is life as a serious Cash 3 player and this could be you too. Forget everything you think you know about Cash 3 lotto games and all the different systems you may have tried in the past. Do yourself and your family a favor, get one that actually works. One that you can physically see working in your State, then decide if you want to join me.

No system or person can guarantee you will win any lottery game. I can however show you, from years of playing and testing, a simple, effective way for you to see Cash 3 in a whole new light and one which will show you results in your home State.

I purchased your system a week ago and I’m very happy with it. In the past I had always avoided playing doubles as well as chasing numbers, what a mistake that was. I am fortunate to have come across your web site. Your system really opened my eyes to looking at doubles in a new light. Thank you again for your brilliant system. (M.C. USA)

Test “The Amazing Win Cash 3 Lottery System” yourself in your home for any state you play in! It is brand new, taking less than 3 minutes a day to show you it’s full power at predictions.

marc, first i would like to thank you, i have won more money this week than i have ever erned in one weeks time in my whole life. i won 1500.00 and 1000.00 and 1500.00. grand total of 4000.00, i have been studing every night and i bought everything you were letting me buy,it was the best thing i have ever done as far as money. i think i am finally getting there it boosted my confidence after you helped me. (Shelia-USA)

How to win Cash 3 can change your life and since my system comes with a complete, no-questions asked refund policy, you have nothing to lose. Just try it out and see the winners it can produce for you. I will let you be the judge, after all, it’s your money and you earned it.

I wish you much success in winning Cash 3 lottery games!

Marc, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you I actually played Georgia Midday and after I studied last night (which I do every night since I received the program. I went back to your website to compare the numbers you had against mine and SHAZAM!!!! I hit it straight 282. Not bad for a NEWBIE!!! I was Shocked!! I almost fell over. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I LOVE the section where you include your Doubles it is the best. You were right it does take time. Just don’t rush it. (KT-GA)

You will receive “The Pick 3 Warrior” which is the NEW 2014 edition!

The Pick 3 Warrior $49.95

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About the testimonials seen – I assure you they are all 100% real and completely unsolicited, they were received from February through April 20th 2010 and have not been edited for form or content – proof on file. I believe the testimonials tell the story far better than I can…

Here are a few examples of how “The Amazing Win Cash 3 Lottery System” can work for you. Remember, nobody can guarantee you will win every lottery game, every time – it’s not possible! You should look over the site pages and then decide for yourself if you think my Win Cash 3 lottery system can work for you. All number plays were created using the methods detailed within the 60 page eBook. Test the system yourself and use the fully explained principles and logic in your own home then decide if it is producing regular winners in your State game. I believe you to be the best judge of how it can work for you…

I said before I am going to take it nice and slow and learn from a master. You have mastered the concepts to winning. I feel like a baby trying to walk, but I must crawl before I can walk. The reason I am investing into this is because I see something most people does not see. One, you are honest and try to show people what you have studied for years and lots of people want things for nothing or want the right now trying to rob people of knowledge. (Brian -NC)

Results are real using predictions from “The Amazing Win Cash 3 Lottery System” and are fully verifiable via State lottery offices. As you can see, using “The Amazing Win Cash 3 Lottery System” I was able to accurately predict 11 hits in SIX different States throughout America on the same day. All draws took place November 20, 2009

I am sure that once you see how simple and foolproof this system is and more importantly, once you see how it really does work in YOUR State, then you will be more than happy with the low price of only $49.95 Read it, test it for yourself and you will see how it really works!

The Secret to Winning Cash 3

The truth is, the game is simple to win. You don’t need computers or software. You don’t need any pen and paper workouts and you don’t need to play the game every day! My Cash 3 lottery system is the ultimate tool to win the Cash 3 lottery. Here’s the problem… the game is locked and no amount of pen and paer workouts, no amount of computer anlaysis or extensive draw history will tell you what is going to win.

I want to thank you a million time Bud.I have test and proven your technic or system for the cash3 lottery. And I’ve found it by far to be the best and most effective method and strategy.By the way,I did catch a box hit in late Miami, the 146.Though a small hit,it is very assuring and comforting to catch bigger and better hit in the future .Once again, thanks a million. (RJ-FL)

You Unlock the Game to Win!

Forget everything you think you may know about the Cash 3 lottery games! I can assure you most of what you think you know is actually preventing you from winning! The game must be unlocked to win it! We unlock the game with “Keys” and as you are about to see from the proven results below… it works and it works extrememly well in predicting which numbers are most likely to hit the Cash 3 lottery game.

California Daily 3 Midday 3-Way Box 5-9-5 5-5-9 $80
Florida Cash 3 Evening 3-Way Box 5-5-8 8-5-5 $80
Illinois Pick 3 Evening 3-Way Box 9-9-2 9-2-9 $80
Illinois Pick 3 Evening Straight + 3-Way Box 9-2-9 9-2-9 $330
Iowa Pick 3 Evening 3-Way Box 9-9-2 9-2-9 $80
Iowa Pick 3 Evening 3-Way Box 2-9-9 9-2-9 $80
Iowa Pick 3 Evening Straight + 3-Way Box 9-2-9 9-2-9 $330
New Jersey Pick 3 Evening 6-Way Box 5-7-3 5-3-7 $40
West Virginia Daily 3 3-Way Box 5-5-9 9-5-5 $80
West Virginia Daily 3 3-Way Box 5-9-5 9-5-5 $80
West Virginia Daily 3 Straight + 3-Way Box 9-5-5 9-5-5 $330

The above draw results are absolutely real – the predictions were made within a few days of the winning numbers being revealed. Still not convinced? Take a look at the day before… November 19th 2009

California Daily 3 Midday 3-Way Box 2-1-1 1-2-1 $80
Kentucky Pick 3 Evening Straight + 3-Way Box 4-4-6 4-4-6 $330
Maryland Pick 3 Evening 3-Way Box 3-3-1 1-3-3 $80
New Jersey Pick 3 Midday 6-Way Box 5-7-4 7-4-5 $40
New Mexico Pick 3 6-Way Box 8-4-2 2-8-4 $40
Tennessee Cash 3 Evening 6-Way Box 8-1-6 1-6-8 $40

Marc, Thank you for taking the extra time to further explain the system to me. After more intense reading and playing the Cash 3 game on paper I started winning. I felt confident enough in playing Cash 3 so, I played in real time and on the first play I actually won $410.00 a $10.00 investment, not bad. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and I am looking forward to more wins. (MS-Florida)

In addition to the above, I accurately predicted on Sunday, November 15th. 2009 to expect “888” to fall as a triple number or as a double, it fell, just four days later! (November 19th. 2009) Your investment would have been $4 ($1 per day and you would have won $500 cash).

Once you read “The Amazing Win Cash 3 Lottery System” from cover-to-cover you will see that I have the best lottery system around which has the uncanny ability to show you what numbers to expect in your State. The verifiable results go on and on, here’s more in case you are still not convinced…

Hi Mark! I want to inform you that I am extremely satisfied of the WIN CASH 3 System. I can see that you have put in a lot of time on the 3 – 4 Lottery system. I believe that this system will work for me. I have tried systems where you have to colored in the hits etc.. and spent much time wasting my time with hardly any results. Your material was easy to follow and the examples were great. Your advice was also refreshing and wise. Thank You! (George P. USA)

November 18th 2009

Missouri Pick 3 Midday 3-Way Box 7-7-2 7-2-7 $80
Missouri Pick 3 Midday 3-Way Box 7-7-2 7-2-7 $80
Western Canada Pick 3 3-Way Box 3-8-3 8-3-3 $80

November 17th 2009

California Daily 3 Evening 3-Way Box 0-0-2 0-2-0 $80
California Daily 3 Evening 3-Way Box 2-0-0 0-2-0 $80
California Daily 3 Evening Straight + 3-Way Box 0-2-0 0-2-0 $330
North Carolina Pick 3 Midday Straight + 3-Way Box 9-8-9 9-8-9 $330

November 16th 2009

Michigan Daily 3 Evening 6-Way Box 7-9-4 4-7-9 $40
Oklahoma Pick 3 6-Way Box 5-7-0 7-0-5 $40
Washington Daily 6-Way Box 1-7-6 1-6-7 $40

November 15th 2009

Florida Cash 3 Midday 3-Way Box 1-1-2 1-2-1 $80
New York Numbers Midday 3-Way Box 7-9-7 9-7-7 $80
New York Numbers Midday 3-Way Box 7-7-9 9-7-7 $80

November 14th. 2009

Florida Cash 3 Midday Straight + 3-Way Box 5-5-2 5-5-2 $330
Georgia Cash 3 Evening 3-Way Box 9-9-3 3-9-9 $80
Georgia Cash 3 Midday 3-Way Box 9-9-5 9-5-9 $80

November 13th 2009

Connecticut Play 3 Night 3-Way Box 4-4-3 3-4-4 $80
Georgia Cash 3 Midday 3-Way Box 1-1-6 6-1-1 $80
Ohio Pick 3 Evening 3-Way Box 2-2-5 2-5-2 $80
Texas Pick 3 Night 3-Way Box 5-5-2 5-2-5 $80

As you can see, I have tested “The Amazing Win Cash 3 Lottery System” in many States – and the hits continue to pour in twice a day from the predictions which this truly amazing system produced – you can do this too, all in about three minutes a day, it’s sure, it’s fast and it’s accurate – truly amazing!

Hi Marc. I just purchased you system yesterday on the 6th of August. I wanted to write to you because I predicted the midday cash 3 in Florida today. Sure enough today’s mid was 945. WOW!!! I’m just watching as you recommended, but I wish I had played it. I’m so excited Marc. I haven’t been so excited in many years. Actually I’ve been depressed lately, because many of my hair brained p-3 schemes just didn’t hit as much. Anyways, I just wanted to thank you again. Have a great day! (P.N. Florida)

How much can you make with our system? Well, it is unlimited but there are no guarantees that you will win anything. It all depends on how well you understand our easy-to-follow instructions and how well you work for three minutes per day. If you do everything I show you then you stand a very good chance of changing the way in which you live your life. Remember that Cash 3 like any other lottery is a game of chance, but there IS a method to the madness and I will expose it right before your eyes. But don’t take my word for it, test it for yourself and you will see how easy it is, even a kid can do it.

So, are you ready? Have you made up your mind that you could do with extra cash for Christmas, Birthdays or even a much need vacation? How about a new car? Perhaps you could move to a nicer neighborhood – the potential is unlimited, the choice is a simple one. Whatever you decide, remember this, if you do nothing today to change your life, it will be the same tomorrow.

UPDATE: Earlier I said about the hits coming in twice a day… here’s one that just hit in the Tri-State region, not bad for a $1 ticket – I wonder how long it takes to make 80 times your money in the local bank? Now imagine if I had put down $10 I would have received $800 in CASH and I had the number in the wrong order! It’s like taking candy from a baby and I have to be honest, I don’t feel bad about it. Now I am thinking, well, if I had played it 3 different ways, 002-202-200 and played each of those ten times for a total investment of $30 I would have walked away with (are you ready for this) $5,160 Now I do feel bad, but hey, there’s always tonight… November 22, 2009 (6:20am)

I was just checking how I did yesterday on several States, I thought you’d like to see…

Michigan Daily 3 Evening Straight + 6-Way Box 7-9-3 7-9-3 $230
Multi-State Tri-State Pick 3 Evening Straight + 3-Way Box 0-0-1 0-0-1 $330
Multi-State Tri-State Pick 3 Midday 3-Way Box 0-0-2 2-0-0 $80
New Mexico Pick 3 6-Way Box 8-4-1 8-1-4 $40
North Carolina Pick 3 Midday Straight + 6-Way Box 7-6-3 7-6-3 $230
Oklahoma Pick 3 6-Way Box 5-7-0 7-5-0 $40
Puerto Rico Pega 3 Straight + 3-Way Box 8-8-5 8-8-5 $330
Quebec La Quotidienne 3 3-Way Box 1-6-6 6-6-1 $80
Quebec La Quotidienne 3 3-Way Box 6-1-6 6-6-1 $80
Quebec La Quotidienne 3 Straight + 3-Way Box 6-6-1 6-6-1 $330
Virginia Pick 3 Night 6-Way Box 7-9-5 5-7-9 $40
Western Canada Pick 3 6-Way Box 3-8-4 8-3-4 $40
Wisconsin Pick 3 6-Way Box 1-7-9 9-1-7 $40

All of this can by your success story too! The exact same techniques used above to predict and win the games show are ALL in the “Win Cash 3 Lottery System” manual – Once you master the techniques and methods I show you, it’s so simple to win the Cash 3 lottery games!

The Win Cash 3 Lottery System has been shown to work on the Pick 3 lottery, Cash 3 Lottery and Daily 3 numbers games from the following states;
Arizona Pick 3 – Arkansas Pick 3 – California Daily 3 – Connecticut Play 3 – Delaware Play 3 – District Of Columbia DC3 – Florida Cash 3 – Georgia Cash 3 – Idaho Pick 3 – Illinois Pick 3 – Indiana Daily 3 – Iowa Pick 3 – Kansas Pick 3 – Kentucky Pick 3 – Louisiana Pick 3 – Maryland Pick 3 – Michigan Daily 3 – Minnesota Daily 3 – Missouri Pick 3 – Nebraska Pick 3 – New Jersey Pick 3 – New Mexico Pick 3 – New York Numbers – North Carolina Pick 3 – Ohio Pick 3 – Oklahoma Pick 3 – Pennsylvania Daily Number – South Carolina Pick 3 – Tennessee Cash 3 – Texas Pick 3 – Virginia Pick 3 – Washington The Daily Game – Wisconsin Pick 3 – West Virginia Daily 3 -Tri-state Pick 3 -Maine Pick 3 – New Hampshire Pick 3 – Vermont Pick 3

The Pick 3 Warrior $49.95

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Once you have learn the basics you may want to add even more power. Here I show you how “The Pick 3 Cobra” supercharges your Cash 3 and Pick 3 lottery… as you can see, it’s worth hundreds of dollars but as a purchaser of The Pick 3 Warrior, you can grab a copy for $29.95 provided you order within 30 days of your initial purchase.

The Ultimate Cash 3 Lottery System Add-on Powerpack… “The Pick 3 Cobra Super Charger”

GA Cash 3 Lottery – 10 Hits in 7 days with 1 Key*
Georgia Cash 3 Cash 3 Pick 4
Midday Evening Midday Evening
Thu, May 27, 2010 7-4-6 3-5-5 8-9-9-5 2-0-6-5
Wed, May 26, 2010 5-3-1 1-5-8 0-5-5-2 4-2-6-7
Tue, May 25, 2010 5-4-0 8-1-5 2-2-5-4 3-6-6-2
Mon, May 24, 2010 1-4-1 5-9-8 5-0-5-2 3-9-0-0
Sun, May 23, 2010 5-1-7 4-5-4 3-7-7-7 2-1-6-4
Sat, May 22, 2010 9-5-5 4-4-4 5-0-1-2 2-1-1-3

Georgia Cash 3 Lottery Game – 10 Cash 3 wins in 7 days using ONE key and details on how you may obtain this truly amazing Cash 3 key appear in your manual. The powerful Cash 3 add-on is “The Pick 3 Cobra” It doesn’t matter if you have never played the Cash 3 or Pick 3 lottery before I can show you how to play to win in less than 30 minutes using a simple highly effective Cash 3 or Pick 3 strategy that can have you winning time after time. This amazing Cash 3 and Pick 3 lottery system has fully verifiable and documented proof of 10+ wins on the Florida Cash 3, New York Numbers, Texas Pick 3 and the Georgia Cash 3 lottery games – AND it can win the Pick 4 lottery games too!

This amazing system is “The Pick 3 Cobra” and it is truly powerful. The power packed and fully illustrated manual assumes nothing – it takes you from complete novice to an experienced player in less than 30 minutes and you will see many games hit time and time again. Game play costs only $5 per game and YOU decide if you want to play doubles or singles or both. If you play both then you stand to make a LOT of money! When was the last time you won ANY Cash 3 or Pick 3 lottery games ELEVEN times in 6 days? The Pick 3 Cobra did just that on the Texas Pick 3 lottery and it was EASY to do. So easy, a kid can do it.

The Pick 3 Warrior $49.95

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postheadericon Amazing Free Pick 3 System

“Amazing Secret System Guaranteed to Increase Your Chances of Winning Pick 3

by Over 90% Playing Only 8 Numbers a Day!”

Well, it is partially true – but this “Secret System” is currently being sold on the internet for $9 to $19 and I will share it with you right now, absolutely free! It’s as old as time and there’s also one that works off the same principle for the pick 4 lottery. Here’s what I will tell you, the number being drawn cannot be a double or a triple, all digits must be unique. It works on any Pick 3 game and it is 100% legal to implement it. It guarantees that if the numbers drawn are NOT doubles or triples that you WILL hit 2 out of 3 numbers each and every time you play. Here are the numbers to play…

308 – 719 – 843 – 175 – 283 – 659 – 024 – 716

You can switch the numbers around for better results if you want to, example, 308 is listed but you could change it to 803 if you want.

If you play those numbers boxed you will hit at least 2 out of the numbers in the draw. Does it work? Yes, it works, just do some back testing and you will see it working every day in every State that has 3 ball lottery games!

The problem is, there are no States that pay anything for having 2 out of 3 numbers!
And it’s actually being sold right now on the internet by several places but it’s been around for many years and been reinvented many times over for a profit.

Now when you are serious about actually playing to win pick 3 lottery and the pick 4 lottery, I can help you accomplish that.